Main Methods to Buy TRX

Tron is a dapp (decentralized app) network as well as a blockchain-based OS named after a Singaporean-based nongovernmental organisation called Tron Foundation. This humanitarian organisation created this platform in September 2017 with the objective of making the sharing of digital content much easier and affordable. Through this platform which has no central control, digital content creators will be able to make their contents without going neither through Google Play Store nor Apple Store.

Put differently, consumers can have a one and one relationship with the makers of programmed contents without any intermediary mediation. The blockchain features a digital money called Tronix with TRX as the currency symbol. Apart from having a private ICO which is able to disseminate cybernated products, it features uncontrolled free data and a system that enables the exchange of digital assets.


Get Tron with Other Cryptocurrencies

cryptoYou can easily obtain TRX by swapping it with other digital coins like ETH or BTC via Changelly which provides crypto coin exchange services. To get TRX from this exchange, you only require any virtual currency that is tradable on the site. The website takes only 0.5% as their charge. This rate is very good as it does not involve any difficulty associated with order book deal. Below are what you should do in order to acquire TRX via Changelly.

First, obtain a wallet address of Tron where all TRX you have purchased will be credited to you. Secondly, you need to acquire some bitcoins or any other digital currency which will be swapped for TRX. Besides Changelly, there are other virtual currency exchange services where TRON can be bartered. With these altcoins platforms, you don’t have to bother about any type of checks be it verification or know your customer checks. Besides, using these digital coin bartering platforms gives other benefits.

They will provide you with enhanced exchange tools to help you with trading. They also offer their customers with real-time order books. Below is a list of a number crypto-to-crypto trading businesses to use if you want to purchase TRX.

Exchange Supported pairs

Note that many exchanges have only a few tradable pairs. So, before purchasing any altcoin, check on the website you want to use to see if there TRX is paired with that crypto-currency otherwise, you will not be able to do the transaction.

Buy Tron on Exchange (Changelly): Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create a TRX wallet which is available in two types, namely, TRON-dev Collaboration Wallet and Community Development Tron Wallet. You will also need to sign up with TRX before you can trade on the platform.
  2. The next step is locating the address of your TRX, that is copying it out correctly. Ensure you save it rightly where only you can access it.
  3. Decide on the crypto-coin exchange platform to use (in this case, Changelly) for the trading and purchase as much as you want.
    buy tron on changelly
  4. Trade the digital currency you have for TRX on Changelly, there are different coins to exchange for TRON but BTC remains the most popular and then ETH. Using the website is quite easy. Go to the trading page.
    tron on changelly

    Choose the trading pairs and then complete the process as you’re prompted. Make sure that you are giving the right information at each of the stages. Always double check before going over to the next stage.

  5. Take out your TRX from the exchange you bought it from and then bank it on your wallet (which you set up in the first step). You can keep it on the trading website but it is not as secure as your wallet is. There are true stories of hackers braking into trading websites and ripping customers of their tokens.

Buy TRX with Fiat through Bank Transfer

buy trx with fiatIf you’re on Changelly, with fiat money, you will be able to buy Tron. The only challenge is that Euro and USD are the only accepted legal tender for that transaction. Customers utilising currencies other than USD and Euro normally find this to be cumbersome. Besides, the payment has to be via bank transfer.

Another concern with this type of transaction is that it touches the anonymity of virtual money deals. This is because virtually all the exchanges will require a complete verification of account and KYC from traders that prefer it. If completing the know your customer forms as well the verification is easy for you, this option will suit you as it is very secure.

Purchase Tron Peer-to-Peer with Cash

p2pP2P transaction is a popular way of getting crypto tokens. However, almost all exchanges don’t provide peer-to-peer services. This explains why swapping TRX for cash is a big challenge to traders. However, it is still possible to engage in such a transaction. The first option is to ask around to see if any of digital token dealers you know in your area are willing to swap their virtual money for cash.

The deal for this choice requires utmost diligence because the fund is not well secured there. You depend solely on trust as there is no escrow system. Besides, you will not get any arbitration service in case of any disagreement with the seller. On the positive aspect, you can bargain for a cheaper rate and then, there is no commission to pay as there are no middlemen in the transaction.

Get TRX with Credit/Debit Cards

buy trx via bank cardsCredit and debit cards are widely accepted means of payment. Unfortunately, Changelly and many popular virtual currency trading services do not allow paying for TRX directly with plastic cards. But if credit or debit cards are the only options you have, you can purchase BTC or ETH and then barter them for TRX. But, this option may be added in the future. We will keep you posted as soon as it is available on Changelly.

Katie’s Advice

I have done a thorough research into the market to be able to provide you with accurate information on how to buy Tron and different ways of paying for it. You can trust the information I have provided. I will be reviewing them as things changes. Bear in mind that the market is still unfolding and as such it can be challenging to make predictions. It has metamorphosed from a gaming virtual currency to a platform without a central control for decentralized web.

It is uncertain how the market will respond to this changes. This should not bother you because we will provide you with updates from TRX community. If you have acquired huge amount of TRX, we will advise you not to keep them on the sites where u buy or other digital token trading platforms. It is safer to keep them on a Tron wallet. There are a lot of Tron wallets out that you can use. Take time to read about them and then make your choice.