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Hi people, it is Katie. You know that my content is based on careful analysis to provide you with actual, genuine information. Here at this portal, I make reviews of cryptocurrencies, their notable features, and crypto exchanges. With the guides on my blog, you will be able to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash via crypto exchanges professionally.

Each brand promoted on my portal is trustworthy and reputable. I always say the truth and will do it in the future. That is why, now, some of my crypto and exchange reviews contain affiliate links. How does affiliate marketing work in this case? There is nothing special in these links, in fact, and by clicking on them, you help me produce content for you. Once you click an affiliate link and obtain products or services, I earn a tiny commission from it.

Each crypto exchange charges fees from the transactions between its users. An affiliate website or blog receives a small portion from these fees. You are to pay them anyway according to the exchange terms. The affiliate programs do not involve any additional costs for you. You pay the same fee amount as if you registered and obtained currency without my link. With the link, crypto exchanges share a tiny percentage of these fees with me.

This is my compensation for the reviews. I receive right enough to keep my portal active and profitable to run. Making operations at crypto exchanges is your own decision. My goal is to provide you as much information as possible to give you an opportunity to make the right decision and benefit from the digital money.

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