Privacy & Cookies Policy

1. Personal Information Collected

KatieWager.Org is a free information source and you can reach any kind of information published here completely for free and without registering.

While registering, you are required to provide your e-mail address. No personal data like your physical address or passport, or any other sensitive information will not be collected. Since KatieWager.Org is an informational resource, your e-mail address is needed to make your experience on the website better.

You will be able to take part in the discussions on the portal by leaving a comment. You can subscribe to the website and receive the latest news about gaming and casinos. You can also subscribe for the updates concerning casino latest promotions and terms&onditions. You can also share articles via social networks. And you can manage your subscription and unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive e-mails.

2. Legal Basis of Processing Information

 KatieWager.Org collects your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These protection regulations unify the data processing terms on the internet, providing internet users anonymity and the highest level of personal information protection.

To be a registered user of the website, you must be 18 or older.

Your email address is used only within the portal activity and kept private. No other person visiting the website will have access to your personal data.

3. What are cookies?

Internet cookies are tiny data files containing information about the user of the website. This information includes username, password, account settings, etc. A majority of the websites use cookies to collect this data also for viewing user activity. Without cookies, a user would have to authorize each time he or she loaded the website page.

The cookies are stored in the browser folder on your computer or mobile device. You can delete them by accessing the browser if you want.

The use of cookies is completely safe due to the nature of the information collected. While registering, you give the website only the information you consider appropriate for the use.

4. KatieWager.Org’s usage of Cookies

KatieWager.Org collects cookies for offering you the relevant content. With cookies, it will be much easier for me to offer you the articles according to your preferences. It will help me make suggestions about the content you read the most and want the most in the future.

The cookies are enabled automatically and you are given a notification in the bottom of the page once you enter the website. By pushing the agree button, you accept the cookie policy and allow the website to place them in your browser. If you no longer want the cookies to be used, you can delete them in your browser and disable future cookies collection for this website.

The cookie information is kept private and no third party has access to it.