Full Review of IQ Option

iq option review

Hi guys! The recent hype around IQ Option led me to think that it’s worth it to make the complete research of this platform. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Now, all main pros and cons, features of this exchange are available here. I’ve also made some manuals on the processes of trading on this site. Enjoy it and stay tuned!

IQ Option is an online exchange application that has been recognized as the best in the industry. The company offers services which include cryptocurrency trading, Forex exchanging and legacy stock purchasing. At IQ Option, members are treated to a wide variety of devices to help them make sense of market trends and trading as well as keeping up-to-date on the latest in relevant news. Conceived in 2013, this website has pulled in more than 17 million users who utilize their unique Digital Options and continues to add new features to please their ever-growing audience.

strenghs weakness
1. EU-based regulated exchange. 1. Smaller range of markets.
2. Conservative minimum deposit. 2. Poor customer service live chat.
3. Mobile Access. 3. No US/JP support.
4. Generous bonus returns. 4. Slow website.
5. Learning tools for newcomers. 5. Limited cryptocurrency selection.

IQ Option Trading Types

IQ Option is not your run-of-the-mill broker site; it offers a wide variety of alternative trading options. These offerings include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Forex (Foreign Exchange), Contracts for Difference (CFDs), and Cryptocurrencies. There is also an array of digital choices. Below, I’ll detail the specifics of each of these types and provide my recommendations.


buy crypto on iq optionCryptocurrency is a highly volatile market which has become popular over the past few years. Many online brokerage sites do not offer cryptocurrency exchange because they feel the market is too undiscovered or risky. IQ Option offers trading on 12 of the most popular tokens including: BTC, LTC, ETH, IOTA and more.

Additionally, pairs such as BTC/ETH are available for anyone who enjoys timing the market. Functionality for short selling is also featured, all with a very liquid exchange and speedy deposits/withdrawals. On top of it all, you can begin with a minimum limit of a single dollar.

Manual on How to Trade BTC/ETH on IQ Option

  1. Create an account with IQ Option. This process takes only a few minutes. Simply enter a valid email address and set a password with security questions. After this, you must provide the company with a government-issued ID and credit card you own for verification purposes.create account on iq option
  2. Deposit money to your account. Like most deposit methods, IQ Option makes it easy. Once logged in, use the “Deposit” button and select your desired amount and payment method. The transaction may take some time to clear, depending on your payment selection.deposit on iq option
  3. Your deposited money can now be used to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies on IQ Option’s platform. With the “Open New Asset” button, choose which currency to trade. Next, indicate the value at which you wish to sell. Then, use the “Buy” or “Sell” buttons to initate the trade.buy or sell cryptocurrency on iq option
  4. IQ Option’s interface will allow you to monitor the price and close a position as you feel necessary. 91% of profits made are yours to keep.
  5. To withdraw cash, use the same process as above, but use the “Withdraw” option in the account menu. To withdraw Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), IQ allows users to input their wallet address for speedy transactions with zero fees.withdraw money on iq option


forex on iq optionWhile many budding traders haven’t been initiated into the Forex market, the concept is quite simple. Standing for “foreign exchange”, this type of exchange is based on swapping currencies based on their current net value. For example, one could trade USD for EUR and then swap back to USD at a better price for profit.

IQ Option provides access to over 180 trading pairs. This allows new and experienced traders to experiment with a great number of currencies. Forex trading can see profits as high as 640% with a minimum wager of $1!

Digital Options

digital options on iq optionDigital Options is IQ Option’s most unique gateway to trading. Members have the ability to wager on the fluxuating price of different commodities. Speculation in this category is wild. The tool is designed to let traders bet on how much the price will spike or plummet. These contracts have experations which typically run for about 5 minutes. The payout can be up to 900% with a minimum investment of only $1!


stocks on iq optionEver wanted to exchange stocks from over 7,000 businesses? IQ Option has you covered. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a tool that empowers users to invest in an asset. If prices increase or decrease, profit can be made either way. This way, skilled traders can create a profit even when the price is dropping.

The payout for stocks is typically not as risky as cryptocurrency or IQ Option’s digital offerings, but the increases are usually steady. With a minimum of $1, after all, what could go wrong?


etf on iq optionETFs are relatively new in the global market, but have gained popularity through exposure. They operate by looking at the historical data of indices or assets and assign an average price to them much like a stock. Members can use this low-risk method to mix up their trading practices. ETFs are great for short selling and margin purchasing. Investors can purchase as little as one share of an asset, so small-time buyers can benefit from this.

Account Specifics

Aside from the usual membership and VIP accounts, IQ Option offers a unique “trainer” account feature. This account is pre-loaded with fake money which lets users try before they commit. This offering is completely free with no cash deposit. With an initial deposit of $10 or higher, becoming a member with a functional account is easy. Below, we’ll take a look at the specifics of the individual accounts.

Real Account

This account requires a paltry $10 deposit. There are zero constraints on trading options with greater than 70 assets available. Withdrawals can be processed in as little as one business day. Real account members can also enter special events on the website.

VIP Account

If you deposit more than $3,000, you are eligible for a VIP account. This special offering provides a much better standard of customer service, including a private manager who helps answer questions. VIP members also have access to a report feature which details exchanges made on a monthly basis. Other services of the VIP account are exclusive access to bigger tournaments, videos and materials to learn and earn more profit, and a diminished fee structure.

Payment Options

When it comes to Binary Options brokers, IQ Option has several methods by which to deposit funds. The most popular method is using a credit/debit card. Wire transfers are also available. The most sought-after deposit method, though, is e-wallets. A lot of sites, especially those that exchange cryptocurrencies, do not accept e-wallets. IQ Option has made all of these options accessible for both deposits and withdrawals. You can find the specifics below.

Payment Options Limits Fees Transaction Time
mastercard on LocalBitcoins $10 Minimum None Instant
visa on LocalBitcoins $10 Minimum None Instant
buy cryptocurrency with maestro on iq option $10 Minimum None Instant
buy cryptocurrency with webmoney on iq option $10 Minimum None 1-5 Minutes
skrill on LocalBitcoins $10 Minimum None 1-5 Minutes
 buy crypto with neteller on iq option $10 Minimum None 1-5 Minutes
buy crypto with wire transfer on iq option $100 Minimum Based on Bank 5-10 Business Days

Customer Support

customer support on iq optionCustomer service is a very important aspect that traders focus on. If there is a problem, users want it fixed or resolved immediately. Luckily, IQ Option’s support team can be contacted via email, an in-house messenger and through a website chat application. According to the site, they answer tickets in less than a minute with a team of 83 customer service associates. However, your experience may vary.

Online Trading Tournaments

trading tournaments on iq optionAlthough IQ Option’s online tournaments are not available to countries within the EU, these Binary Options tournaments are massively popular with those who attend. For a tiny entry fee, players receive $10,000 of “play money” and aim to virtually trade and earn the most cash. At the end, whoever has the most money wins. Prizes can reach up to 100x the initial payment to enter the tournament, so get trading!

Regulation of IQ Options

iq option regulationBased in Limassol, Cyprus, IQ Option is overseen largely by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. A central piece of the EU and global market, Cyprus acts as a haven for financial markets and regulated firms. The market in this nation is based on the groundwork set by the Markets in Financial Instruments Derivatives, a core section of the EU financial sector.

Other offices for IQ Option are based in Seychelles, which provides regulation and convenience for a binary option operation such as IQ Option.


1. Does IQ Option Have Any Bonuses?

Bonuses are the cornerstone of any reputatble trading site. Users can receive bonuses for simply trading daily. At certain breakthroughs, such as exchanging $10,000 worth of funds, as much as 100% bonuses are offered. Additionally, IQ Option has a fantastic registration bonus which will match some of the funds on each deposit.

2. Any Additional Tools?

Absolutely! While the trading platforms provided are the main tools members use, IQ Option has recently implemented a “buzz” section. This area publicizes news associated with the financial market including cryptocurrencies and legacy stock press releases. Use this information to guide your trading!

3. What is IQ Option OTN?

The Open Trade Network (OTN) is IQ Option’s Ethereum-based architecture. It offers an all-encompassing wallet and trading platform for the OTN cryptocurrency. These tokens are distributed to traders who use the website regularly. 58% of the coins will be held by IQ Option, while the remaining percentage will be given out to users. These coins are now available to be traded on the open market.

4. What is the CPA Program?

IQ Option’s CPA program was designed to connect with media and advertisers. It is an affiliate program which signs up qualified users to promote the IQ Option brand. It is a way for money to flow through the cycle from the large corporation to small business owners with a mutual benefit.

5. Is IQ Option a Scam?

I believe skepticism is the right mindset to be in when entering any exchange. Your money is on the line—so security is paramount. As I have researched IQ Option and spoken with users who have tested out the platform, I have come to the conclusion that there are more positive comments about IQ Option than negative ones. I can say that the website won’t run off with your money; thousands of successful withdrawals are testament to that fact. Whether you buy in to the bonuses or unique trading tool hype is up to you. At the end of the day, you must decide what is best. I can merely synthesize the available information.

Facts and Awards

Here are some quick facts about IQ Option and some awards they have earned throughout the years:

facts and awards The website was launched in 2013.

facts and awardsSince then, more than 14 million accounts have been created.

facts and awards Approximately $11 billion is handled per monthly average.

facts and awards There are about 3 million unique orders each day.

facts and awardsAwarded “Best Binary Option Platform” – IAIR Awards Ceremony.

facts and awards Received “Most Innovative Binary Option Broker” by ShowFX World 2013.

facts and awardsEarned “Award of Excellence” – The Communicator Awards 2017.

facts and awardsHonored with “Best Technology Application” – MobileWebAward 2016.